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Explore our array of healing services

Our Mission is to Align You With Your True-Self, Helping You Create Both Balance and Harmony Within Your Life.


Oorja powered by ATMS

Crystals are precious gifts presented to the mankind by Mother Earth. 

These Crystals have healing properties and vibrate at very high frequencies so they heal or raise the vibration of the user depending on the intention they use them for. Crystals have the ability to expel negative energies and transmute them into highest vibration of love and light. 

Oorja powered by ATMS helps the Crystals find their rightful owners.
Crystals that become yours, helps you raise your vibration and attract the life your desire.

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ATMS RETREATS powered by  “Awakenings” The Mind Spa. 

It’s a Space for Spiritual Seekers looking for Soulful Solace.

Retreat with us to





Energy Management Program

Program to Master your Own Energy. A Course to Retrieve & Recalibrate.

EFT Releasing

Acts as a powerful, instantly releasing tool and creates a way for your freedom to release the residues of anger, insecurity, fear, lack of self-acceptance, money and love.

Alignment with Your Higher Self

An alternative healing technique which helps balance chakras, takes a holistic approach and heals your mind, body and soul.

Handling your Energy Field

Understanding energy, Protection of your energy field, Protection of your family, Commands for clearing and sealing your energy field.

Healing with the Angels

Become familiar with the angelic world, Protection with angels for self and others, Channeling with angels, Healing with angels, Angel card reading, Angel numbers & their significance.

Guided Meditations

Meditation helps you live in awareness of yourself, as well as the people, environment, or things around you.



Ask and you shall receive

PRAYER is a cry of distress, A demand for help, A hymn of love. That’s what I did when I was struggling with my health issues...

Blessed to receive their healing

Hello, I am Priya. I have been going to ‘“Awakenings” The Mind Spa for past few years...

Positive impact in my professional life

It gives me immense pleasure in expressing the fact that your skilled  healings, therapies and...

Discovering one’s authentic self

Vrinda & Reenu of “Awakenings” the Mind Spa have helped me see the light within...

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