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Handling your Energy Field


It’s All About Energy!

Energy is the fundamental source that allows you to move through life and realize your full potential. It operates on several levels, including not just the body but also memory, thoughts, beliefs and feelings. A well-maintained energy field is an essential aspect of keeping yourself balanced and free from disease.

Our energy bodies are complex and vast. A simplified framework can help you to gain access to different levels of energy with an eye towards balance and alignment. 

Level 1:  Physical body

Level 2:  Emotional and mental body

Level 3:  Spiritual body

In the course of a day, we deplete, maintain or increase the energy at each of these levels. The first step is to develop a daily practice that invites awareness around how you “spend” your energy. With this understanding, you can embrace practices that renew your energy and help you release what does not serve you.


In this Workshop, we are introduced to a few tools to how to protect our energy field and keep ourselves integrated, aligned and protected.

Energy field and it’s 3 levels:

- Reiki Healing

- Healing with the Angels

- EFT Releasing

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