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Guided Meditations


Guided Meditations

What Is Meditation?

Meditation helps you live in awareness of yourself, as well as the people, environment, or things around you. It develops concentration and lowers stress. It helps you align your Chakras and help you create a more balanced life.

Meditation helps create a positive outlook or mood, healthy sleep patterns, self-discipline, self-control and even increase tolerance of pain.

Meditation helps change your perspective through a paradigm shift in your consciousness. It enables you to learn to observe your thoughts or feelings without any judgement. It changes the structure and function of the human brain to support self-control. It keeps you grounded and strengthens your connection with the source.

Meditation also helps you live a more conscious life with expanded awareness to manifest your dreams, raise your energetic vibration to live a life full of vitality, joy and energy.

New Moon Meditation 

The new moon is the perfect time to be meditating on your goals. What do you choose to attract into your life?

The new moon energy is a powerful time to focus on your intentions to create your future. 8 hours either side of the new moon is best for meditation.

Full Moon Meditation

The full moon is about releasing & letting go. What is not working for you? This is a time to look at all attachments to things, people, situations, beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you for your highest good.

The full moon meditation helps you in letting go & clearing out lower energies to open up to a higher vibration.

Through meditation one will have the opportunity to let go of worry, fear, doubts, anxiety and stress.

* Release judgement and foreign energies that don't belong to you.

* Communicate with your spirit guides, angels or higher self.

* Ground to be more present & conscious.

* Change old thoughts to higher vibration thoughts.

* Tune into your intuition and clear your energy blocks

During meditation and a clearing you will align to the Love that YOU are – return to your true authentic self which is love, joy and peace.

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