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Energy Management Program


Energy Management Program

Program to Master your Own Energy. A Course to Retrieve & Recalibrate.

Become a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. In this certification program, we facilitate you to unlock your extraordinary abilities to heal and once you feel you are ready, you may help others heal themselves.

The Program is conducted over a period of 6 months. 2 classes in each month of 5 hours during weekdays offline as well as online.

Through this program we aim to provide a path for you to Awaken the Divine Within You, and reclaim personal sovereignty through the use of energy. YOUR energy. 


In the six months there will be extensive body of work which will provide you tools, processes, teachings, support and energy for you to free yourself from the layers of false conditioning and limiting beliefs about who you are, where you have come from and why you are here. 


The Program helps you :
* Collapse false timelines
* Overcoming lack & abundance blockages
* Heal your relationship with Money
* Healing Core Wounds
* Healing abandonment wounds
* Healing generational traumas


An Energy Workers power stems not from any special ability, but from clearing their shadows so they can embody and express the universal healing power that is available from the Divine for all of humanity.

  • Is this Program for Me ?
    It is for all those who feel disconnected from the Collective. Anything that is outside of them and is not making sense anymore. The relationships, the Job, The Old ways of Being. It is for people who still do have their soul essence & are beginning to feel like they're lost at sea because they are now living in a world that feels vastly different than ever before. They need to have awareness & better understanding of how to manage their Energy when dealing with the world at large.
  • Why Energy Management Program ?
    The huge gap between those who still have spiritual essence and those who do not is getting much more noticeable Many people are falling deeper into chaos, anger, despair, negativity, victimhood, misery, and seeking to cause harm to others due to their deep subconscious awareness that their soul is no longer theirs. Many of YOU are already feeling it. We get tons of messages from people who feel so disconnected from the Collective. So if you still have your spiritual essence, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.
  • Is Energy Management Program Certified?
    It is a 6 Month Certified Program!! At the end of the Program you will get the Certification of an Energy Medicine Practitioner. We have two classes a month It is a 5 hour class. You can attend Online or In-Person. We also have re-runs for the missed classes.
  • What are the titles we can call ourselves after completing this program?
    Spiritual Guide Medicine Woman/Man Mystic Guide Intuitive Practitioner Energy Worker Spiritual Empowerment Coach
  • What do you mean by Energy Medicine Practitioner ?
    Energy Medicine Practitioners are ones who have excavated their spiritual gifts and activated their unique spiritual path. While the gifts differ for each person, it is VERY common that Energy Practitioners have gifts of clairvoyance, deep intuition, energy work, working with crystals, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, creative arts. EMP is a program to activate your divine path, learn tools and use your gifts to serve your divine purpose.
  • Will I Be Able to Do It? Am I Ready? Do I Have it in Me?
    You're ready when you're asking. Most (not all) feel a slight nervousness before joining this program, unlike other programs. That's because they can feel their own gifts/power ready to come online and be activated. Though Often this comes with questioning:- "Do I really have gifts?" "Am I ready to take up the responsibility of my Journey?"
  • Opening the Registrations!! for the 3rd Batch of EMP
    The Program commences soon. Kindly email for the details on




You guys have shown us what magic is

You got us on board the best journey of our lives . It has shown us everything we could imagine and beyond .

Divinely transformation which we feel every day

Thanku so much for choosing us and introducing us to our true self. Thanku so much for this magical opportunity and this amazing divine journey which we have started with you. 

Deep gratitude and overflowing love

hank you both our beautiful angels whose guidance and radiance made us feel closer to the divine closer to our divinity and closer to our authentic self 🙏🙏

Thank you for the amazing 6 months. 💛

​It has been a huge learning curve and the healing has been life changing. I came back home with a lot of clarity and relief.

You helped us get in touch with our magical side

To the most GORGEOUS GODDESSES ..and The GOOD WITCHES 😎😍😘on earth for reminding us that even though our wings were clipped.. 

Thank u
thanku thanku …. 

Words cannot express our love and gratitude to you both . But I am sure energy will find its way . ❤️❤️

I’m so complete, so connected with myself

With folded hands I’m so thankful to both of you Vrinda n Reenu for being the light for us, for shining on each one of us n making us one with our own self 💖

A life changer in my life. 

Energy management program has taught me how to live life in a beautiful way and i am able to keep my energy like a child after this course.


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